Meet the Team

Explorations Africa is owned by Africa experts & safari enthusiasts, Dan and Antoinette MacKenzie. Starting in 2003, Dan had the privilege of taking groups from around the world and showing them the wonders of the Canadian Rockies, but once guests had learnt about Dan’s passion for Africa, they begged him to take them on safari with him! An opportunity arose to begin working with a small Canadian based safari company in 2007 and it was out of these experiences that in 2009, their safari company was born.

Dan and Antoinette met in Africa in 2010 and after realizing their shared dreams and combining their expertise, they were able to further develop their lifelong dreams and plan to share their love of Africa with as many people who care to listen!


Dan MacKenzie

Dan MacKenzieCanadian born but raised in Africa, Dan’s favourite vacation was the family holidays in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Born to missionary parents, travel was an integral part of his life right from an early age, planting the seeds that would grow into an intense love of exploring the wonders of Africa and flying.

Even as a 5 year old, Dan was fascinated by wild animals and one of his first memories of ‘safari’ was of he and his brother Tim squashed into the back of their old station wagon getting a close up view of a giraffe’s knobbly knees through the back window!

Growing up, Dan was exposed to a range of beautiful and remote parts of Southern Africa, sparking an interest in both art and photography. His knowledge of Africa and his interest in African culture and history, make him an asset to any safari, should you wish for him to escort you on your trip.


Antoinette MacKenzie

Antoinette MacKenzieBorn and raised on a farm in South Africa, Antoinette was fortunate to have parents who encouraged her desire to explore and discover. Always the dreamer, she knew she would one day travel to the remote areas of Africa and experience the rich and diverse culture and heritage that Africa has to offer.

Her career in the hospitality industry started at age 19 in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve where her first real wildlife experience was a pair of mating lions in front of her bedroom window for four days!! Needless to say, she was hooked on the beauty, thrill and adventure and for the next 15 years she worked and traveled extensively through Southern Africa and the Seychelles.

Having worked for Africa’s top safari companies, Antoinette understands the tourism industry and is passionate about creating the ultimate tailor-made experiences for her guests. She has a warm and caring personality and her attention to detail make her the ultimate hostess! Whether it is fine-dining in the middle of the Okavango or organizing a Louis Vuitton film shoot for Bono in the middle of the Kalahari, no expectation will ever be too much!