Congo Safaris

The Republic of Congo is one of Central Africa’s gems whose doors are just beginning to open to ecotourism. Covered in pristine rainforest, the Congo is home to the vast majority of the western lowland gorilla.

Where is the Congo?

The Republic of Congo lies astride the equator in the centre of Africa. The capital city, Brazzaville is located in the South and lies on the 4700km long Congo River. The main safari interest in the Congo is gorilla trekking and the Congo rainforest with its diverse range of species of which many are endemic.

The Congo Rainforest

Largely undeveloped, the Congo rainforest is the world’s second largest rainforest and is sparsely populated. The ecotourism camps at Odzala-Kokoua National Park offer an unprecedented opportunity to view primates, and due to its remote location, every journey into its wild interior will be infused with an aura of exploration and adventure.

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The climate in the Congo is humid and fairly consistent throughout the year with an average temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. The dry season is from June through to August with two rainy seasons around April and October.

Travel Tips

With the only scheduled airline access to Congo being via Johannesburg airport in South Africa, it would be advisable to include the Congo as an addition to a Southern African safari.