African Safaris & Tours


The Okavango Delta and northern Botswana’s lush waterways, palm trees, staggeringly large private game reserves and unique wildlife contrasted with the vast desert spaces of the Kalahari makes this Africa’s ‘Garden of Eden’.. Spectacular summer bird species, endless action between predators and prey and overwhelmingly large herds of elephants are only some of the attractions. Add to the mix some of the most luxurious and chic safari camps on the planet and you have no reason not to visit Botswana… twice! Click to browse our Botswana Tours.


The Congo

The latest exciting addition to Africa’s eco-tourism opportunities is the vastly unexplored rainforests of the Congo basin in central Africa. For the intrepid explorer in you, the remote Odzala-Kokoua National Park provides an unprecedented opportunity to view the elusive Western Lowland Gorilla up close and personal. Click to browse our Congo Tours.



Largely undeveloped and rural, this country that is centred around the lake-living of Lake Malawi has come to be known as the home of Africa’s friendliest people. Large reserves dot the country with ample opportunity to explore and experience unusual wildlife species. Accommodation is more affordable than most safari destinations and the combinations of wildlife, scenery and beaches make this an attractive African destination. Click to browse our Malawi Tours.



Africa’s tropical paradise is swathed in a rich and mystical history of Arab slave trade and Portuguese- colonial influences. The year-round warm waters of the crystal clear Indian Ocean and Bazaruto Archipelago that caress the coastline and the stunning white and sparsely populated beaches, make most of the many accommodation options a complimentary fit to any safari. Click to browse our Mozambique Tours.



Stark but with a breath-taking ruggedness, the land God made in anger is a photographers dream… Spectacular vistas of endless landscapes, the towering soft sand dunes of Sossusvlei, ephemeral rivers and Etosha’s infinite salt pans are images that will imprint on your heart forever. Though not a major wildlife destination, the abundance of life in this desert environment will pleasantly surprise you and you will return home with your soul enriched. Click to browse our Namibian Tours.


South Africa

A land of spectacular diversity – bush, beach, wine lands, desert, rainforest and wildlife all come together to make South Africa a stunning and very affordable destination. Excellent infrastructure married with world class facilities, fantastic weather, abundant wildlife and adventure opportunities, provide the perfect venue for a stand -alone African safari destination! Whether you visit the beautiful areas of Cape Town, the warm beaches of Durban or the exciting wildlife of the Kruger National Park, you will not be disappointed. Click to browse our South African Tours.



Undoubtedly the most recognizable safari experience on the planet revolves around the yearly migration of over a million wildebeest across the vast plains of the Serengeti National Park. Following closely on its heels in popular lore is the Ngorongoro Crater and its throngs of varied wildlife hemmed in by the constraining walls of this massive crater. The white beaches of Zanzibar, the awe inspiring heights of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the remoteness of the vast wildlife rich reserves of the Selous, Ruaha and Katavi, the flamingoes of Manyara and elephants of Tarangire create a kaleidoscope of choice that is simply mind boggling. Tanzania is bursting with life and dying to be explored! Click to browse our Tanzanian Tours.



Remote and untamed, Zambia is a safari destination for the wild at heart! The wildlife areas of Zambia offer exceptional diversity with the Luangwa game reserves being the birth place of walking safaris in the 70’s. The Kafue National Park with the famous Busanga Plains as well as the Lower Zambezi National Park and its tremendous rivers are perfectly paired with Victoria Falls in Livingstone to make for a wild and exciting safari. Click to browse our Zambian Tours.



The warm hospitality and creativity of the Zimbabwean people paired with the large herds of game and abundant predators is what will make you return to Zimbabwe time and again. Dotted with world-renown wildlife reserves such as the famous Victoria Falls, Hwange National Park, Mana Pools, Lake Kariba and the Motobos to name a few, a safari through this warm heart of Africa is a must for every bucket list! Click to browse our Zimbabwe Tours.