Malawi Safaris

Malawi is very aptly known as the “Warm heart of Africa” and its people are renowned for their friendliness. Best described as rural and underdeveloped, Malawi does not enjoy many of the benefits of development. That being said, its resort and safari infrastructure is very comfortable, while typically not falling into the high end, luxury category. Although the country doesn’t feature as a top wildlife destination, it nevertheless has some wonderful reserves that boast good animal densities. For the seasoned safari goer, Malawi offers a change of pace and wildlife species in good numbers that are less prevalent elsewhere.

Where is Malawi

A small, narrow and landlocked country bordered by Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique, it is the Great Rift Valley that is the defining geological feature of this beautiful land.

Lake Malawi

Malawi’s main tourist attraction is very definitely the immensely bio rich waters of Lake Malawi. Abundant aquatic life makes it a top contender for the home to the greatest variety of fish species on the planet. Its crystal clear waters are perfectly suited to diving, snorkeling, kayaking and other aquatic pursuits. Lake Malawi’s close proximity and accessibility to the wildlife rich areas of Zambia make relaxing beside its warm, clear waters a fantastic way to end a safari.


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We’ve done our best to put together Malawi tour packages that offer the best value for money and include excellent accommodation, diving and fishing activities, and game viewing experiences based on our own personal encounters. If however, you’d like to travel for a longer or shorter period of time, or visit specific safari camps, hotels or game reserves, we’d be delighted to tailor a customized Safari package to your specific requirements.

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As a stand-alone destination, Malawi’s primary drawing card would be an experience of rural Africa, where interacting with people and enjoying its scenic wonders were of priority.


Malawi’s wet season extends roughly from December through April, with this also being the hottest time of year. May is generally the introduction to the gradually drier and cooler months of June, July and August. Day time temperatures are quite pleasant with generally clear skies, although nights can become quite cool, particularly at higher elevations. This is Malawi’s tourism peak season with game viewing becoming increasingly productive. Temperatures begin to climb again in September and October with the landscape increasingly drying out, thus making game viewing even easier as the wildlife is drawn to diminishing water sources. November can be a variable month with the dry season breaking with the return of the rains.

Travel tips

  • Malaria is common in Malawi and so anti-malarial medication is highly recommended.
  • Things in Malawi tend to happen without much consideration for rigid schedules. Approaching travel in Malawi with a relaxed attitude will go a long way towards making your Malawi safari a relaxing experience.