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Namibia has perhaps the greatest contrasts in Southern Africa. Modern cities and excellent infrastructure are set against massive empty spaces and a tiny population. Without a doubt, the primary draw for Namibia is its very dramatic desert scenery and it is possibly the most scenically spectacular country in the region.

Wildlife Safaris

Although not primarily a wildlife safari destination, Namibia still offers some excellent wildlife viewing opportunities. Etosha National Park is Namibia’s premiere wildlife destination and offers the opportunity to enjoy four of the ‘Big Five’ as well as other rare local species. A wonderful sighting is to see the ‘ghosts of the desert’ – Etosha’s elephants, covered in the white dust from the Etosha Pan, a truly surreal sighting – especially on a moonlit night! Regions such as the Kunene, Sossusvlei and Doro Nawas areas boast specially desert adapted wildlife very much in line with their dry, sparsely watered expanses.

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We’ve done our best to put together Namibia tour packages that offer the best value for money and include excellent adventure activities, magnificent landscapes and game viewing as well cultural exposure based on our own personal experience. If however, you’d like to travel for a longer or shorter period of time, or visit specific safari camps and game reserves, we’d be delighted to tailor a customized Safari package to your specific requirements.

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Namibia also plays host to diverse cultural experiences with the opportunity to meet with one of Africa’s most remote and traditional cultural groups. The Himba of the far northwest continue to follow a nomadic pastoralist lifestyle much as their ancestors have for generations before them.


One striking feature that’s unique to Namibia is its consistently good weather. Year round sunshine is definitely more the norm in this dry and thirsty land, whether experienced in the cooler months of winter (June, July, August) or the heat of summer (October-February).

Travel Tips

Distances between points of interest are vast, so despite good road infrastructure, flying is highly recommended when moving between areas of interest.