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Zambia is in the truest sense ‘old Africa’, hosting some of the most remote and unspoiled ecosystems on the subcontinent. Zambia also offers an extremely wide range of wildlife safaris and adventure experiences from which to choose.

Tourist densities are more highly concentrated than in Botswana, however even limited competition for a prime wildlife sighting is a rare occurrence. Leopard, lion, buffalo and elephant sightings are typically good to excellent and the natural beauty of Zambia’s pristine wilderness areas is fantastic.

Zambia experiences the greatest seasonal variations in weather, so quite a few safari camps close completely during the ‘green’, (summer season). With relatively marginal road infrastructure outside the parks, all transfers between reserves are by air; however limited road access is available between most camps in the same game reserves.

A major draw for the Zambian game safari experience is the superb level of training and skill required of their safari guides. This is a huge component in the overall safari equation and really helps to make the Zambian safari experience superlative.

Zambia tends to come in on the middle of the cost scale although transportation costs tend to push up the total if travel between numerous safari areas is included in the itinerary.

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We’ve done our best to put together Zambia tour packages that offer the best value for money and include excellent safari camps and game viewing experiences based on our own personal experience. If however, you’d like to travel for a longer or shorter period of time, or visit specific safari camps and game reserves, we’d be delighted to tailor a customized Safari package to your specific requirements.

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