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Mozambique Safaris


You deserve the romance of a tropical island where you can wrap yourself in the indulgence of sun-kissed waters and golden beach sand..  Treat yourselves to a private picnic amongst the towering sand dunes, gallop along the beach on horseback at sunset or explore the vibrant kaleidoscope of colours of the coral reefs hidden beneath the waves.. Just when you thought that Africa couldn’t get more perfect… you arrived in paradise where your every whim is catered to.

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Bazaruto Archipelago

Located just off the Mozambique mainland is the tropical island paradise of the Bazaruto Archipelago.  With multiple aquatic activities as well as village tours, hiking, bird watching or horse riding on offer, there are multiple activities to keep the active happy. Endless deserted beaches with sugary white sands and turquoise waters is what you can expect from your beach holiday here.

Other popular beach and honeymoon destinations are Vilanculos, Pemba, Inhambane, the Quirimbas islands and Bazaruto and Benguerra islands.

Accommodation in Mozambique

Accommodation on the islands and beach resorts is typically in modern and well-appointed luxury air conditioned suites.  Lodge size is kept relatively small providing for a more exclusive and private beach experience.  Although not provided in every suite, modern conveniences such as internet and phone can usually be accessed through the main lodge facilities.

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Information & Videos

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Mozambique Highlights

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  • Mozambique has 2470km of spectacular coastline and powdery white beaches
  • Mozambique is surrounded by 6 countries and the Indian ocean on the east
  • The official language of Mozambique is Portuguese
  • Five of the world’s endangered turtle species breed and occur along the Mozambican coastline
  • The Bazaruto Marine National Park in Northern Mozambique is home to over 2000 fish species
  • Mozambique is home to the largest coastal marine reserve in the world including 10 islands and some of the most productive reefs on the planet.
  • Whale sharks and dugongs can regularly be seen in the northern marine reserves
Mozambique Benguerra Island Lodge
Mozambique Delicous seafood lunch

Culture & Cuisine

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Mozambican culture is in large part derived from its history of Swahili, Portuguese and Bantu rule.  Cuisine is rich and varied, reflecting outside Arabic and Portuguese influence and traditional roots.  Fish and seafood dishes are popular as is ‘peri-peri’ chicken – a hot and aromatic spicy sauce that has become popular throughout southern Africa.  Due to its tropical climate, Mozambique is blessed with a bounty of fruits including citrus, bananas, pineapples, coconuts and cashew nuts.


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The weather in Mozambique is tropical and pleasantly warm with an average temperature of 28 degrees Celsius throughout the year.  The summer months of October to April are hot and humid and the drier winter months of May to September make it a more favorable time to travel.

Mozambique Dhow and kayak mobile safari
Mozambique Arimba Dhow

Travel Tips

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With daily flights from either Johannesburg or Nelspruit to Vilanculos, the islands of Benguerra and Bazaruto offer a world class beach destination and an easy addition to any other safari package.

Azura Benguerra, Mozambique

Benguerra Island Lodge in Mozambique

Azura Quililea in Mozambique

Scuba Diving in Mozambique

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