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You’re an adventurer at heart who, now more than ever, has longed to journey to the continent of your dreams! After this long Covid hiatus, just imagining yourself in the presence of a wild, majestic elephant sets your heart racing with excitement. Your heart desires a personal safari of distinction that ticks off all the items on your wish list, a rich adventure that will feed your soul and reconnect you with who and what is important. You dare to do things differently and this is that one big bucket list trip that you’re going to claim as your own. Grab this moment. Your time is now.

Explorations Africa

Overwhelmed with Choice

Countless hours of research. Endless options. Ever-changing safety protocols. Sound familiar? With such a wide array of fabulous camps and safari destinations, how are you ever going to find those special places and experiences that speak to you? And will you be safe? Choosing is as overwhelming as attempting to drink from a fire hose.

Leading the Way

Safari planning under regular circumstances is overwhelming! We understand your frustration and confusion and are here to help you navigate through the new travel challenges and help you plan your custom designed African Safari or adventure in Portugal.

Having lived and worked in Africa for decades and spending countless hours there every year, we know the safari industry intimately. We know all the best camps, will recommend the best-suited experiences and even know where the leopards are hiding… We’ve managed safari camps and bush-airlines, have intimate relationships with those who will care for you. This is our home away from home and we can’t wait to share it with you. Read our story here..

Reflecting what we hold most dear, we choose to treat our guests like family. Building a personal relationship with you is an essential step in the journey, as we want to be sure that we truly understand you, in order to create your dream trip. We’d love to meet you over coffee or a glass of wine via our personalized video platform and for your convenience, you can make your online appointment here.

What Our Guests Are Saying…

Dan and Ants, we just wanted to say thanks again for making our first trip to Africa a truly memorable one. You were great travel companions and ambassadors along the way. We both had a fantastic time and would not have changed a thing. Cape Town was beautiful. We did everything we wanted to do except go shark diving due to water conditions, but in exchange, Jody was over the moon to go to the Cheetah outreach centre.  We look forward to planning our next safari for 2017!

Jeff & JodyFort McMurray

Oh my gosh this place is beyond gorgeous!  We had a fabulous time at Nottens after a fabulous time at Victoria Falls after a fabulous time at Little Mac. Everything was completely perfect with our travel, accommodation and wonderful people everywhere.  Thank you for making this happen for us. Thank you so much for everything!  We have many envious friends and we tell them all how great Explorations Africa and you and Dan have been to make this trip so stress free and exciting to anticipate!

Myrna & The GangBearspaw, Calgary

If you are looking for help in booking an amazing African adventure, look no further than Explorations Africa! Dan and Ants are total professionals, they know the tourism industry in Africa!!

They can put the trip of a lifetime together for you while putting your mind at ease, answering questions until you are completely satisfied and informed.

This was my second time travelling to Africa and I am so thankful that I booked it thru Explorations Africa – every moment was spectacular! From South Africa to Zimbabwe to Mozambique, I could have stayed to explore so many countries!!


We specialize in three primary types of Wildlife Safaris: Custom Designed SafarisEscorted Safaris and Photographic Safaris, with eleven stunning destinations in Africa & Portugal, to choose from.

Not sure where you’d like to go yet?

Relax & Explore the Possibilities…

“Down inside me a tiny voice was calling.  At first scarcely audible, it persisted until I could no longer ignore it.  It was the voice of the wild places and I knew that it was now part of me forever”

– Percy Fawcett

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Our Partners

We’ve taken great care to only select the very best safari and travel companies, game lodges, and hotels to work with throughout Africa.  We know these companies care about conservation and the communities as deeply as we do, ensuring that no exploitation of people or resources will ever happen.  We’ve built strong relationships with so many of our partners and are proud to be associated with them.

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