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Malawi Safaris


Malawi is very aptly known as the “Warm heart of Africa” and its people are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality.  Imagine the freedom to have long walks on deserted beaches, go mountain biking or play soccer with the locals – all of these interspersed with a laid back but adventurous safari experience!  Fish barbeques on the beach next to an ancient baobab tree or a sunset dhow cruise on the sparkling lake make Malawi place to unwind and forget about life for a while…

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Malawi Safaris

Best described as rural and underdeveloped, Malawi does not enjoy many of the benefits of development. That being said, its resort and safari infrastructure is very comfortable, while typically not falling into the high end, luxury category.

Blessed with some breath-taking scenery, Malawi has Mount Mulanje at 9849ft, a popular climbing destination surrounded by tea plantations, exquisite flower species, orchids and waterfalls. The country is a great mixture of affordable scenery, wildlife and beach destinations that pair extremely well with a Zambian safari.  Malawi’s warm lake is a great compliment to several days spent in the bush and the country is dotted with many wonderful accommodation options (and very exclusive island hideaways) along the way.

Malawian Wildlife

Although the country doesn’t feature as a top wildlife destination, it nevertheless has some wonderful reserves that boast good animal densities.  For the seasoned safari goer, Malawi offers a change of pace and wildlife species in good numbers that are less prevalent elsewhere.  Recently HRH, Prince Harry, joined African Parks as their President, bringing much needed attention to wildlife relocation and conservation in this tiny country.  In the world’s largest translocation project, 520 elephants were moved from Liwonde and Majete Parks in the south of Malawi to Nkhotakota in the north where they’ll be able to breed and thrive. The crystal-clear waters of Lake Malawi have an estimated 1000 fish species, many of them endemic.  These calm clean waters, free of any industry, and surrounded by giant baobab trees, make this the ideal spot for snorkeling, scuba diving and a range of exciting water activities.

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Malawi Highlights

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  • Lake Malawi is the third largest lake in Africa, a Unesco world heritage site and about 585km long x 80km wide
  • Malawi is one of the world’s top tea producers
  • History’s largest relocation of elephants took place here
  • Highest density of Sable Antelope in Africa
  • Malawi has the highest density of fish species of any lake in the world!
Malawi Safari Lazy Days
Malawi The Warm Heart Of Africa


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As a stand-alone destination, Malawi’s primary drawing card would be an experience of rural Africa, where interacting with people and enjoying its scenic wonders were of priority.  Malawians are extremely warm, welcoming and hospitable making it hard to leave after even a short visit.  Wood carvings, colourful fabrics (chitenge) and painting of African village scenes are easily found anywhere in the country.


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Malawi’s wet season extends roughly from December through April, with this also being the hottest time of year.  May is generally the introduction to the gradually drier and cooler months of June, July and August.  Day time temperatures are quite pleasant with generally clear skies, although nights can become quite cool, particularly at higher elevations.  This is Malawi’s tourism peak season with game viewing becoming increasingly productive.  Temperatures begin to climb again in September and October with the landscape increasingly drying out, thus making game viewing even easier as the wildlife is drawn to diminishing water sources.  November can be a variable month with the dry season breaking with the return of the rains.

Malawi The Mighty Shire River
Malawi Village Mountain Biking

Travel Tips

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Malaria is common in Malawi and so anti-malarial medication is highly recommended.

Things in Malawi tend to happen without much consideration for rigid schedules.  Approaching travel in Malawi with a relaxed attitude will go a long way towards making your Malawi safari a relaxing experience.  Small charter flights are available to most areas in the country but travel by road transfer is possible for most destinations.

Kaya Mawa Malawi Luxury Resort, Lake Malawi

Prince Harry Joins Elephant Conservation Project in Malawi

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