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Customized Photography Safaris

Customized Photographic Experiences

You’d love your African safari to include the best possible photographic opportunities.  Either you’re an accomplished photographer already or our workshop dates don’t work for you… We have the perfect solution!

Explorations Africa

Custom Hosted Photo Safaris

Enjoy the flexibility of maximizing your photo safari experience no matter what your skill level. If you’re wanting to optimize the creative process and have access to opportunities otherwise unavailable on normal game drives, this is for you!  Here your photography hosts combined wildlife/pro photographer skills really have an opportunity to shine and become a gold mine in making the most of the artistic opportunities.

Maximum Exposure

Whether you’re a small group or an individual, our pro photographers can be available to you for anywhere from 2 days to the entire trip! We’ll help you to design the perfect experience that includes any number of the countries we specialize in.  We’ll recommend the best seasons, the most prolific wildlife areas, any combination of exciting activities and photo opportunities – all hosted by your own professional photography guide!

Information & Videos

Click the tabs below to see the benefits of a custom photographic experience, watch one of the videos showcasing the exciting opportunities or meet our expert guides…

Benefits of Your Custom Experience

  • Personalized Service

    Private interaction with your own photography guide.

  • Unlimited Group Size

    Private hosting for individuals or a group of photographers traveling together.

  • Private Vehicles or Boats

    Allowing you the freedom to dictate your schedule and opportunities – not limited by the needs of others.

  • Special Privileges

    Dependent on the reserve you are shooting in, special “photo vehicle” privileges may apply such as priority on a sighting, longer sightings, getting off the vehicle for specialty shots, night photography etc.

  • Creative Opportunities

    Learn how to take gorgeous night photos and star photography as well as taking advantage of natural and artificial lighting options during game drives.

  • Personalized Schedule & Agenda

    You get to decide what and how you’d like your experience to be.  Want to spend a few hours with those lion cubs?  No problem!

  • Lessons in Lightroom

    Critiquing and editing of your own images using Adobe Lightroom.

  • Professional Photographer & Wildlife Expert

    Your private photo guide understands the behavior of wildlife and will ensure you’re ready for that magical shot when the action happens!

  • Exceptional Experiences for All

    Non-photographic partners are equally important and so are creatively included and engaged in an enriching experience.

The Seasons of Photography

Explorations Africa

Your choice of a time to travel to Africa needs to be informed by your personal photographic goals. It also needs to be guided by excellent direction from experts who understand the nuances of the African landscape and seasons from a photographer’s perspective.

There are a huge number of variables that go into deciding where and when is the best time to travel FOR YOU and that’s why we’re here!  This is ultimately about more than the mechanics of the shot, but more importantly about nourishing the soul, feeling deeply, letting your artistic side go wild with passion and experiencing soul satisfying renewal.

The Seasons of Photography

Seasons for Photography Safaris

Londolozi: Specialized Safari Experiences

Zambia Safari: Bushcamps Vehicle

Makanyi: Specialist Photo Safari

Custom Photo Safari in Zambia

Expert Photography Guides

We’re extremely fortunate in being able to offer our clients the services of some fantastic local African professional photographers who not only make their living with their cameras, but also have a deep understanding of wildlife behavior.  Capturing exceptional wildlife images isn’t simply understanding your camera, lighting and composition. Having an intimate knowledge of the “signs of the wild” and how to be in the right place at the right time sets you up for that “magic” shot!

Custom Photographic Safari in Botswana

Custom Photographic Safari Botswana

Photo Safari Editing Workshop in South Africa

Photo Safari Editing Workshop South Africa

Post Production Interaction

Relaxing back in camp with the pressure off, your experience is further enhanced through post production critique and editing sessions with your photographic guide.  Adobe Lightroom is the tool of choice and your guide will not only provide practical input to effectively edit your images, but help you gain a more practiced “photographic eye” that you can apply on subsequent game drives.  At select camps, a professional quality printer is just waiting for you to print that perfect canvas!

Africa Photographic Services

We’re privileged to partner with the team at South African- based Africa Photographic Services, whose purpose lies in providing quality photographic guides to our guests, no matter where you’re traveling to.  We’re extremely proud of the quality of service we’re able to offer in concert with APS in providing a complete photographic safari experience to all our guests on their African wildlife safaris.

  • Photo Safari Guide: Hilton

    Photo Safari Guide, Hilton
  • Photo Safari Guide: Etienne

    Photo Safari Guide, Etienne
  • Photo Safari Guide: Anthon

    Photo Safari Guide, Anthon

Photo Safari Guide Edward Selfe

Photo Safari Guide Edward Selfe

Edward Selfe Photography

Explorations Africa is thrilled to be partnering with photographer and guide, Edward Selfe.  Living in the breathtakingly beautiful South Luangwa national park in north Zambia year-round, Edward has been guiding in “the valley” for 10 years and so is intimately acquainted with the resident wildlife and their environment. Edward’s well-honed photographic, tutoring and post production editing skills however is what will really make the experience pop for the avid photographer! Take part in one of his small group scheduled photo workshops or let us assist in building in Edward’s guiding and photo expertise as a part of a larger itinerary.  Either way, through a scheduled workshop or in a custom hosted photo safari built just for you, Edward is sure to make your photo safari memorable!

Ready for a life changing photography safari experience? Let us design your soul-enriching customized photographic experience for you!

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