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Portugal Travel


Once the greatest power in Europe, Portugal is a small country bursting at the seams with rich history, art and culture. On the south-western shores of mainland Europe and bordered only by Spain and the Atlantic ocean, Portugal packs a punch far outweighing its small geographical size. The Atlantic archipelagos of Azores and Madeira are part of Portugal and though the mainland is compact at an average of 650km long x 250km wide, this exceptionally diverse European gem with its splendid food & wine, natural beauty and warm hospitable people, has something for everyone.

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Portugal’s History

For such a tiny nation, Portugal’s reach and influence has extended to the farthest corners of the globe through their seafaring explorations of four centuries ago. A rich history of stunning architectural masterpieces, castles, churches and public spaces abound, reflecting Portugal’s immense wealth at the peak of her international influence and power. Still retaining much of their old-world charm, the Portuguese people radiate warmth enriched by the infusion of Brazilian, Angolan, Mozambiquan, Macau-Chinese and Goa-Indian influences.

Portuguese Experiences

There is a feeling of undeniable romance in Portugal, an intangible sense in the air that has seduced and enraptured poets, painters, lovers and tourists over the ages.  Maybe it’s the light that inspires or the indulgence of long leisurely meals accompanied by delicious wines, the importance of relationship or just the wonderful old-fashionedness of a culture that values people over the obsessions of the ‘rat race’.   Vacation possibilities abound and whether your style is luxury or low-key, you’ll find everything from hiking to biking, forests to food tours, cities or seascapes.  Portugal has much to offer, but at the end of the day, it is the Portuguese people who will capture your heart and have you coming back for more.

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Portugal Highlights

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  • Portugal’s creation in 1139 makes it Europe’s oldest nation with Lisbon the oldest city.
  • Portugal led world exploration in the 15 & 16th
  • Roughly 70% of the world’s cork comes from Portugal.
  • The biggest ocean wave ever surfed was in Nazare, at 24 meters (80ft) tall.
  • The oldest functioning bookstore in the world was opened in 1732 in Lisbon.
  • The world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge is 516 meters (1700ft) long in the Arouca Geopark.
  • Port wine is arguably Portugal’s most famous export.
Stunning Scenery in Portugal
Portuguese Architecture

Portuguese Culture

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As a predominantly Roman-Catholic country the Portuguese have a close-knit family ethic, so the importance of quality time spent with family and friends is a strong feature of celebrations and daily life. Portuguese culture has many influences drawn from the Celts, Romans and Vikings amongst others, and the deep-seated appreciation the Portuguese have of music (particularly the soulful Fado), theatre, literature, art, folklore, cuisine and sport, is obvious throughout the country.  Besides visiting some of the numerous castles, palaces, museums, or historic sites, we recommend a Fado show in Lisbon.

Weather in Portugal

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Portugal is a year-round destination that enjoys a Mediterranean climate with winter rains (December- February) and hot dry summers (June-August). The far north of the country is typically wetter and cooler, with more moderate summer temperatures. Elsewhere in the country, winters are mild but unpredictable, with the Algarve region along the southern coast being the warmest and driest.  Sunshine and heat are a given during the summer months (June-August), with very little rainfall occurring from the Algarve in the south and up the coast to Lisbon.  The central regions can also become blistering hot during the summer months.

Ingreja St Romao
Portugal at its best

Travel Tips & Advice

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Portugal can be extremely crowded during the summer months, particularly in the major centers and along the coast. For those wishing to avoid the crowds, the best times to visit would be the spring (from February to early June) for sunshine and mild weather and early autumn (September-November) for the warm water, cooling temperatures and lower tourist numbers. Portugal has stunning diversity and therefore a country deserving of a slow exploration through its varied regions.


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With so much history, splendid architecture, colorful and vibrant urban spaces, incredibly beautiful nature, spectacular coastline and so many sun-drenched days, what’s not to love for a photographer? Be sure to include a wide-angle lens to capture the grandness of confined spaces and being familiar with creating HDR images is extremely useful for capturing great interior shots, where flash photography is not permissible.

If you’re interested in astrophotography, we highly recommend the Alentejo region’s clear night skies as they offer particularly good opportunities for star photography, so don’t forget your tripod!

Aveiro Homes


Portuguese Heritage




Central Portugal

Porto & the North

Photo Gallery

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