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Our commitment to design ‘life changing experiences and soul-enriching safaris’ goes so much deeper than the journey we’d love for you to embark on.  We care deeply.  We care not only about your experience and how it will nurture your soul, but also about the lives you touch when you’re on safari.

Explorations Africa

The Circle of (Safari) Life

Through our journeys, you become part of a beautiful circle of life that ensures the protection of wilderness areas, conservation education of Africa’s future leaders and through community upliftment and support. We often get asked how a safari helps those in Africa – lets explain what a significant difference your trip makes.

You want to see animals – a lodge is built and employs local staff – staff salaries meet economic needs and enable kids to go to school – lodges support schools through upliftment, meals &  supplies as well as teaching kids the value of wildlife conservation – children become the future leaders who conserve & protect and encourage tourism back into the country to see wildlife.

Without your safari, without tourism, Africa’s wildlife would disappear very fast! Please see our infographic below to learn more about how your safari makes a difference.

Making a Difference

Once you are on safari, you may have an experience that impacts you deeply and leaves you feeling humbled, a little emotional maybe and definitely extremely grateful for the privileged lives we lead in the rest of the world. Our lives with our easy access to everything we could ever want, is suddenly in stark contrast to uncomplicated village life where the three basic needs of clothing, food and shelter is seldom met.

We understand how you’re feeling and would love your help in making a small difference in the life of a child in Africa…

In addition to donating via the button above, the infographic below explains how you can help:

Donate using the PayPal button above and share this infographic with your friends to help spread the love…

Information & Videos

Click the tabs below to learn more about our community initiatives or watch one of the videos to see how your safari will make a difference…

The Explorations Africa Scholarship Programme

Explorations Africa

In most of the countries and areas where we offer safaris, primary education is either free or has a minimal charge, while secondary schooling has a larger expense attached to it. For this reason, most of the kids will only ever complete primary school (up to the age of 12) while some may never even get the opportunity to attend primary school at all.

Education as we all know is a life changing and wonderful gift! The scholarship program we started will ensure that for every safari we sell, a child has the necessary funding to go to school for a full year. Where possible we try to assist with uniform, stationery and various other school expenses too.

Please let us know if you’d like to help us by sponsoring a child’s primary education at $295, secondary education at $580 or tertiary sponsorship at $2600 for a full year. Donations of any size are welcome and help to make a difference.

Primary School Children

Primary School Children

The Ufulu Project Appreciates Your Support

Ufulu Project

The Ufulu (Freedom) Project

Explorations Africa

Our Ufulu Project is aimed at encouraging and uplifting young girls who don’t have access to sanitary ware during their monthly period and therefore missing out on school, church and social interactions.

The wonderful Project Luangwa, originally started in Zambia is a non-profit organization that has trained local women to sew and create washable fabric sanitary pads, aiming to better the lives of these girls. They create kits containing 5 pads and a ‘secret washing line’ that is guaranteed to last a girl for a minimum of two years. All our guests that travel through Mfuwe Village on safari, will have the opportunity to visit the Project Luangwa Shop where you can purchase handbags and gifts made by local women. All proceeds go toward providing sanitary ware in the village.

Food Aid & Pandemic Relief

Explorations Africa

As safaris were postponed and tourists stayed home, 2020 and 2021 proved to be challenging times for the communities that are an integral part of the safari industry. Suddenly food security was a real threat and when that happens, the poaching threat to wildlife becomes an unfortunate possibility. Thanks to the generosity of our guests, we raised over US$16 000 and 100% of those donations went to two of our major partners, Wilderness Safaris and Imvelo Safari Lodges in Zimbabwe, where food parcels were handed out on a regular basis.

We’d love your help in providing food parcels to vulnerable children and communities in Africa, please donate here.

The Tourism Factor

Children in the Wilderness 2017

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Explorations Africa

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