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Photo Workshops

Scheduled Photo Workshops

This is a great way to kick off a larger African safari itinerary but can be embedded at any point into your safari experience.  We encourage you to join a 4 – 10 day workshop where you’ll learn expert tips from a local professional wildlife photographer and interact with like-minded enthusiasts whether you’re a budding amateur or seasoned photographer!

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Set Schedules, Small Groups

The scheduled photography workshops offer a strong INSTRUCTIONAL component in a small group setting that maximizes the unique photo opportunities presented while on safari.

Interaction with a professional photographer helps not only in capturing better images but also enhances your ability to get more from the overall experience through helpful critique and post-editing sessions using ADOBE LIGHTROOM

Afterglow by Dan MacKenzie

Afterglow by Dan MacKenzie

Photography Workshop Benefits

  • Personalized Guidance

    Guidance from a professional photographer with an in-depth understanding of wildlife behavior.

  • Small Groups

    Small groups of like-minded individuals to share your excitement of the perfect shot!

  • The Best Seats in The House

    Guaranteed ‘outside’ seating on vehicles and boats with ample space.

  • Hands-On Instructions

    Advice and tips in the field as well as post game drive critiquing of your images.

  • Lessons in Lightroom

    Learning to effectively use Adobe Lightroom during personalized post-production sessions.

  • Customized Equipment

    Specially adapted vehicles and boats fitted with mounts, swivel seats and storage boxes.

  • Rental Opportunities

    Camera bodies, lenses and mounting equipment available to rent on a daily basis.  In some areas you’ll have complimentary use of high-end cameras.

Ready for a life changing scheduled photography workshop? Enquire about this fantastic wildlife photography opportunity today!

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