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Your travel concerns answered…

With so much to offer as a world class African safari destination, your interest in traveling to Zimbabwe, to personally experience its breathtaking beauty and abundant wildlife, has been very well founded.

However, with the recent events of unrest and worsening economic conditions in Zimbabwe, it’s only natural that you should wonder if it’s safe to travel to Zimbabwe or if your current African safari tour will be affected. Questions around the potential negative impact on your safety and the continued viability of the safari experience due to shortages of fuel and supplies in the country, need to be answered.

Based on our current personal and long-term experience of Zimbabwe, please allow us to provide a perspective that will hopefully offer direction and clarity in making an informed decision.

Hwange Wildebeest in Zimbabwe

Tourism is Unaffected

The unrest has been centered in high density urban areas of some of the major cities and far away from the tourist destinations of Victoria Falls, Hwange, Mana Pools, Matobos and other wildlife reserves.  In fact, there has not been a need for any guest service interruption at all, whether in remote wildlife reserves, airports or other tourism facilities during the very localized unrest.

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

A Peace-Loving Nation

Zimbabweans are an overwhelmingly peace-loving nation and we feel with good reason that the threat to personal safety for our guests traveling to Zimbabwe’s tourism areas continues to be nothing out of the ordinary.  In fact, based on our extensive personal and guest experiences of travel to Zimbabwe over the past decade, Zimbabwe continues to far outperform some other well-known African safari destinations such as South Africa, as regards to guest’s personal safety.

Business as Usual

Zimbabwe has an exceptionally strong safari industry that has successfully weathered the country’s longstanding economic and political difficulties.   Safari operators take a collaborative approach to ensure guest safety and a world class safari experience despite the challenges.  The same continues in the present situation of transformation.  Well established and innovative procurement procedures continue to allow operators to stay well ahead of their needs for fuel and supplies and guests continue to experience safe travel experiences throughout Zimbabwe’s tourist destinations.

Community Based Conservation

Tourism really matters in Zimbabwe! Without continued support for the strong conservation ethos and community-based conservation that is led by the tourism industry, and vital assistance to struggling local communities, the negative impact on Zimbabwe’s people and wildlife will be dramatic and long term.

Zimbabwe Elephant

Safety Strategies

The safari leaders in the tourism industry are in constant dialogue with the Minister of Tourism and Environment as well as the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority.  In the tourism sector a wide-ranging strategy is in place to ensure guests safety, industry standards and communications.  International tourism and guest safety are of highest priority – as well as the safety of staff members and their families who dedicate their lives to the future of Zimbabwe’s wild resources.

On a personal note, it continues to be a pleasure to return to Zimbabwe regularly and we look forward to continuing to support Zimbabwe’s hard pressed and resilient people, as well as the safari operator’s worthy long-term conservation efforts in looking forward to a brighter future.

Without hesitation we encourage you to join us in this magical destination!

If you have any questions or concerns, or you would like to share your own personal experiences in Zimbabwe, please post them in the comments below.

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