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Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Explorations Africa

Preparing for an African Safari

You’re about to embark on the most exciting wildlife safari of your life and we’d like to ensure you’re well prepared for your African adventure. Anticipation of a future safari is a large part of the pleasure of travel. Richard Mullin once said, “The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa – for he has so much to look forward to.” Africa can be an overwhelming destination but with our help and expertise, we ensure you are well-prepared.

Whether it’s a last-minute getaway or a long-awaited trip, we have you covered! From the latest health protocols to our insider tips, we prepare you for your journey abroad. Enjoy those extremely exciting feelings of not knowing what adventures await you, packing your bags and ticking off your checklist as you start counting off the days!

Important Travel Tips to Remember

We’ve included important travel information for getting there, passport & Visas, travel safety, and what you should take with you. Once you’ve confirmed your booking with us, we provide you with detailed PDF documents to ensure you are well prepared. Please click or swipe through the tabs below, and if you have any questions or concerns, please do not to contact us.

Covid-19 Pandemic Information

As the world is dealing with an ever-changing pandemic, let us worry about ensuring you have the latest information on current requirements and protocols for your trip. We ensure you have 24/7 support on the ground as well as taking care of the details, such as booking any pre-departure tests in Africa, for your return trip home.

Getting There

Explorations Africa

With all the new travel rules out there, the fact is that travel has become more challenging. No matter where you are travelling to, our aim is still to ensure you get there in the most comfortable and stress-free way possible. We highly recommend booking your international flights through us as we’re able to deal with any last-minute changes or cancellations on your behalf.  Our services ensure a seamless booking experience for you.

We’ve tried most of the major airlines to Africa and we have some favourites we’d love to recommend.   KLM Royal Dutch Airlines ensures a fantastic flight for our Canadian guests and will typically get you to Africa in the shortest and most convenient time. Other favourites are Air France, Delta, British Airways, Emirates and Ethiopian – all who have great routes and schedules into Africa.

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Passports Visas Travel Tips

Passports & Visas

Explorations Africa

Please ensure your passport is valid for at least 6 months after your intended date of return.  Though most visas can be bought on arrival, we do ask that you enquire about the visas you’ll need at the time of booking as certain citizens would need to pre-apply before leaving home.   You’ll need a minimum of 3 blank pages for visa entries.

Travel Insurance

Explorations Africa

Your vacation is not only a significant financial investment but one into your personal well-being too. We care about you and need to ensure that your investment is well protected therefore we require you have a full and comprehensive travel insurance package for each person in your party. Please read our dedicated page regarding the value of Travel Insurance to ensure you are well informed and ask us.

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Travel Tips Packing Your Bags!

Pack Your Bags

Explorations Africa

Even though you may be travelling for several weeks, it can be tempting to pack extra clothing for every possible scenario you may encounter but believe us when we say this is when you really should and can pack light! Some of your travel could include adventurous flights on small charter planes and luggage sizes and weights must follow strict guidelines.

In Africa on small charter flights, you’re allowed between 15 – 20kg pp depending on the country of travel.

The Golden Rule to remember is that travel should always be more about comfort than style, however it is very possible to do both! Whether you are arriving in the heat of summer or visiting during the balmy winter days, an awareness of what to expect will aid you in bringing along worthwhile items and leaving behind the things that don’t matter as much. Once you’ve confirmed your booking, we’ll send you an extensive travel checklist to ensure you’re well prepared!

Tips for Photographers

Explorations Africa
  • Understand the functions of your camera before you leave home
  • Pack extra batteries – you’ll be surprised at just how many photos of elephants or castles you’ll take!
  • Bring more mid-size memory cards rather than 1 large one that can get lost or damaged
  • A good pair of compact binoculars is highly recommended on safari
  • A monopod is useful for stabilizing your camera – even on a vehicle
  • A camera rain cover is recommended in certain areas or seasons
  • Don’t forget your lens cleaners!
  • For serious photographers, an image storage device is highly recommended

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Travel Tips Galloping Into The Sunset

Are you planning an African Safari and need advice from an expert? Let us help you plan the perfect trip to Africa!

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